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Fast, reliable change orders complete with detailed descriptions, costs and more.

In the fast-paced construction industry, the ability to control change orders is important. Manage Change Orders within ConstructionOnline and ensure absolute clarity.

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Create and manage your project change orders for clearer communication.


Track Added Costs At-a-glance

Easy is good, but quick and easy is even better. For a required responsibility that is typically a painful but crucial part of successful project management, ConstructionOnline Change Order Management simplifies  the change order process dramatically. 

With ConstructionOnline Change Order Management you can quickly create change orders anywhere with a web connection, including name, detailed description, costs, additional time, attached files, images, and more. Once you enter the Change Order your client and related parties will be able to log into ConstructionOnline and review or approve accordingly.

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Simplified Client Approval to Speed Up Your Process

Managing Change Orders is one of the top 3 major issues that can derail a construction project. ConstructionOnline Change Order Management offers your clients a clear and simple way to review and approve changes, all from the convenience of their computer.

Never again will you hear complaints about clients not understanding what a change order would cost, or how much time would be required for completion.

In addition, clients can review a running total of all Change Orders, including approved, pending, and declined orders, adding more clarity to the process without taking more of your time.


View Detailed Summaries of Your Change Orders

As projects progress, everyone (contractors and clients included) wants to know where the project stands currently related to Total Costs and Schedule changes.

ConstructionOnline Change Order Management provides a clear, itemized breakdown of all change orders and summary views for original project costs, accepted change orders, declined change orders, and more.

For Scheduling, ConstructionOnline Change Order Management includes a running total of additional days added to the schedule for approved changes.


Receive Confirmation Emails So You're Always In the Loop

Detailed Confirmation Emails in ConstructionOnline Change Order Management are sent to all related parties including the contractor, clients, subcontractors, suppliers and anyone else that you add as a related resource to the specified change order.

This level of automated communication is another guarantee that there will be no surprises, delays, or miscommunications throughout the process.

And when it's time to close out a project, there's less of a chance that problems relating to change orders will crop up, helping you avoid sticky situations.


ConstructionOnline allows you to do change orders in half of the time that the conventional way takes.

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