Break down information silos with unified financial reporting.

By seamlessly joining data from estimating, change order management, client selections, invoicing and more, TrueVision gives you the power to turn input into insights for smarter construction practices.

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Construction business intelligence software that will improve productivity and profitability.


Gain visual understanding with comprehensive financial dashboards.

Cut through the clutter with easy-to-scan yet in-depth financial dashboards. Quickly reference project value by type, stage, region and more. See exactly how change orders are affecting your bottom line and delaying your jobs. Know what percentage of invoices have been paid, and how much is still outstanding.


See a real-time review of financial health with Work-in-Progress Reporting.

TrueVision Work-in-Progress Reporting helps get more out of your ConstructionOnline financial data, so you can see exactly where your jobs stand in real time. See which projects are running profitably, and which may require attention. You can also get a high-level understanding of how projects are performing company-wide.


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