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Run projects at the speed of business with integrated financial tools, schedules and calendars, dynamic takeoff, accounting integration, centralized communication and much more with ConstructionOnline.

Reason # 1

Powerful software requires a powerful engine.

It all starts with TrueStar. More than just a database - it's the engine that powers ConstructionOnline with advanced health monitoring that delivers the exceptional reliability, flexibility, power and performance needed to support the most cutting-edge construction software platform available.


Reason # 2

Estimating, scheduling, CRM and more - all in one platform.

ConstructionOnline gives you and your team access to software solutions that work together - eliminating the frustration of searching for data in separate, siloed apps.


Reason # 3

Works with the apps you love.

ConstructionOnline lets you stay connected to the apps you're already using, giving you seamless integration.


Reason # 4

ConstructionOnline connects office to field.

Our integrated tools give you the power to broadcast the latest schedule changes, critical task updates, jobsite instructions and more - directly to your teams in the field.


Reason # 5

ConstructionOnline connects field to office.

The ConstructionOnline mobile app gives field personnel the power to receive the latest info from the office, while recording onsite conditions, delays, incidents and more.


Reason # 6

It pays for itself, today & tomorrow.

Firms that use ConstructionOnline see industry-leading, tangible ROI that increases over time.

Reason # 7

Expert guidance from our five-star success team.

We've helped thousands of construction pros over the years take their businesses to the next level. After all, if our clients don't succeed, neither do we.


Reason # 8

Get a single source of truth with Redline™ Planroom.

Manage jobs with maximum clarity by pinning tasks, RFIs, punch lists and more to your project plans. Your team will know exactly what needs to be done and where it needs to happen.


Reason # 9

TrueVision™ business intelligence & reporting.

Make better decisions faster by turning your financial data into clear, actionable insight in real-time with powerful TrueVision™ business intelligence and reporting.


Reason # 10

Now it's personal.

Your company is made up of unique individuals. Now everyone has the power to make ConstructionOnline their own - including custom themes, background images, and the brand new Dark Mode.


Reason # 11

See a visual history of jobs with Photostream™ Views.

Always know exactly what's happening onsite with the Photostream View - a clear, concise timeline of progress photos.


Reason # 12

Stay on track with GamePlan™

Keep your team on target with automated, customized task lists, accessible by email and mobile app.


Reason # 13

Win more jobs with professional proposals.

Impress clients and get a leg up on competition with professional proposals and contracts - generated directly from estimates, change orders and more.


Reason # 14

Cover your assets with detailed documentation.

Protect yourself from potential disputes and financial exposure with centralized, securely stored documents, contracts, and logs of onsite activity and incidents.


Reason # 15

Clearer communication, better collaboration.

Give your employees, subs and clients access to the latest project updates and ensure jobs run smoothly with easy-to-use chat, messages, RFIs and more.


Reason # 16

From plans to estimate in minutes with Redline Takeoff.

Get accurate, detailed estimates directly from your project plan sets. Assign material and labor costs with fully customizable cost books, featuring items and assemblies.


Reason # 17

The most innovative pros build smarter with ConstructionOnline.

Future-forward construction professionals trust ConstructionOnline to help bring projects to fruition for their clients - including Microsoft, Google, Mercedes-Benz, Amazon and more.


Top-rated tools trusted by over 850,000 pros.

The ConstructionOnline platform leads the construction software industry in functionality, value, customer support and more. Innovative builders around the world say our tools to help them build better, faster and smarter.

Projects of all kinds run better with ConstructionOnline.

ConstructionOnline is engineered to be flexible yet powerful enough to increase efficiency for jobs across the construction industry.

The #1 construction software designed to increase profits.

Over 850,000 pros trust ConstructionOnline to help run jobs more efficiently, get accurate financials, increase profits and reduce risks.

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