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Repeatable processes can save you valuable time in the construction industry. Once you find what works, it's important to keep the momentum going.

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An Intuitive Template Feature that Provides Structured Processes

By using Project Templates in ConstructionOnline, you can streamline your project creation process and save valuable time for projects that are similar in scope.

All you have to do is choose which project you want to use as a starting point, and from there you have the option of choosing which information to include from the template, such as: scope of work, Estimate templates, Contacts, Files and more.


Quickly Create Templates from Current Project Estimates 

Manage your project estimates consistently by using ConstructionOnline Estimating Templates.

The ConstructionOnline Estimating template feature gives you the option of saving your estimate templates and clearing or importing desired values, such as: description, quantity, unit cost, markup and more.

The Template feature in ConstructionOnline paired with the most powerful cloud-based Estimating in the industry allows you to save valuable time and boost your profits.


Choose a Schedule as a Starting Point and Reduce Your Workload

Creating a project schedule can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

By using ConstructionOnline Scheduling templates, you can eliminate unnecessary work by selecting a schedule to build upon.

These simple yet powerful options in ConstructionOnline allow you to re-use valuable information and focus on what matters most. 


Manage Your Project Templates Alongside 850,000+ Pros Worldwide 

ConstructionOnline users create up to 500 estimates and schedules each day, and there are currently over a million projects being managed within ConstructionOnline.

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